This is a superbly written story by a writer who is better known for his spy thrillers. It is relevant to today’s difficulties in business and the greed of the banking sector but the reader will find much more in the 326 pages. We are drawn into situations where James Alexander becomes so desperate that he considers sucicide arising from the fear of failure. Desperation, uncertainty, and disappoinment appear to be his future but instead he finds romance and love through an adulterous liason. This leads him to a very different life which includes high finance, intrigue, politics, royalty, temptation, greed, murder and state secrets.

There is a twist to the tale and in later chapters it includes two events in history that have never been divulged.

The real people in this astounding story include Winston Churchill, lloyd George, Colonel the Maharajah Bhupinder Singh of Patialia, King George V, Friedrich Wilhelm II of Germany, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, the Tsarevitch and his sister Anastasia, Jacob Schiff, financier and banker, Field Marshall Herbert Kitchener, Secretary of State for War, and President Woodrow Wilson of the USA. The story starts in 2010 but there are some surprises for the reader, nothing is quite as it seems.

It is without doubt, a page turner par excellence and the historical part has been superbly researched. A must read.


Was China complicit in spreading the Corona Virus deliberately? One fact is true, and that is Wuhan is the centre of China’s biological weapons research facility. Is it a coincidence? There are reports that Donald Trump’s sanctions against China were biting, is this their method of hitting back at the Western World and the USA in particular? Would the Chinese government risk several deaths of their own people? Chairman Mao did. Would China have produced such a virus without manufacturing a vaccine? It seems doubtful. This story considers the fact that Scotland was moving closer to home rule, supported by Russian money. Such a move by Putin would create the ultimate pincer movement in history, but has the Saudi decision to flood the world with cheap oil spoiled their plans? Russia depends on oil sales for the greater part of their income, in one stroke they have lost almost half, and the Russian people will feel the economic downturn, just as Putin was about to gain total control of the country for the rest of his life. Has the Corvid-19 virus made it impossible for Scotland to even consider moving from the Union?

This book is fiction but like all the James Dalby ‘‘Behind the News,’’ novels, there are a substantial amount of facts added to the stories.


The murder of Boris Nemtsov, the Russian politician who opposed the policies of the President of Russia,  creates a situation where a highly placed woman with a Jewish background, working within the administrative department of the FSB, hands extraordinarily sensitive information over to the CIA in Moscow.

The original documents turn out to be assassination orders signed by the President, they also include a report on the aggressive policies decided upon by those in power, affecting world peace.

The woman indicates there is a mole in the American Embassy, which complicates the smuggling of the original documents out of the country. Copies will not be good enough, as DNA samples are required from the documents to prove they are not faked. Mary Clancy Head of the Moscow CIA Station and George Manning her deputy devise a method, but it does not go according to plan and the Russian FSB will do anything to prevent the documents being smuggled out of the country. 276 Pages.


This suggests how, why and by whom the Malaysian aircraft MH370 and MH17 were destroyed.

The future Republican President of the United States gives Amy Johnson; his Personal Political Assistant, a brief to find the truth of the Malaysian aircraft disasters and to investigate various matters concerning China and its growing belligerence in the South China Sea Area and elsewhere.

Amy pulls in computer expert David Arnold, and together they embark on a journey that leads them into discovering the facts about LASER control communication, laser weapons, Cryptology, Hacking, Computer back door technology, LASER screening, Quantum computers and their future use via satellite communication, and the real dangers to our technology industry due to China offering attractive communication deals. They discover that there is no such thing as an individually owned company in China, they are all controlled by the state.

The heroine of the story is Amy Johnson, a woman with a multicultural minority background, but where do her loyalties really lie? David Arnold is a British naturalised American with considerable computer skills and with security connections in both countries. The story leads to a major confrontation with China. 334 Pages.


During the early 1980’s my wife Liz and I decided to sell our shares in a large public company that I’d headed for a number of years, thus quitting the ‘rat race’ in order to change our previous very busy and stressful life.

Liz was a senior buyer, and keen to have a change and a new challenge. My idea was to write a best-selling financial novel (The Crowley Affair) and make a living as an author. To do this we took a sabbatical to the West Indies and chartered a yacht in order to get away from the world, relax and create an environment conducive to creativity. It didn’t quite work out the way we planned, and we initially struggled with learning to sail a yacht, something neither of us had done before. The first craft we sailed was not designed for Caribbean waters and we had to deal with various unforeseen challenges, one life threatening.


Some amusing chapters highlight the changes experienced, from us being high-flying executives to dealing with a Caribbean life style. Subsequently, we fell into the charter business rather by mistake. We found ourselves sailing a large luxury yacht around the Leeward and the Windward Islands pandering to wealthy and sometimes unreasonable charter guests. As a skipper and hostess we experienced what it was like to deal with the rich set, a group that we’d recently been part of, and often having to deal with bizarre situations. Then we met Laurie.

The yacht we sailed during the first year of chartering was called Silver Star a 63-foot Nautilus ketch.  This book only deals with the first year out of 2 years of chartering in the Caribbean and then Liz bought a restaurant… 618 Pages.


The kidnapping of 300 Nigerian girls by Boko Haram horrified the Western world in 2014. Other atrocities were perpetrated by this group, originally founded to follow a stricter form of Islam

The problem was exacerbated by a weak government in Nigeria, and corruption at official and military levels. The difference in living standards between the north and the south did not help, as most of the wealth is to be found in the south.

Boko Haram was taken over by more extreme Islamists, to further their cause. Now they want to cleanse western values from the whole of Nigeria. The country is Africa’s most populated state, where the economy has now surpassed that of South Africa, but with little benefit of this wealth seen amongst the indigenous, particularly in the north.

Unfortunately, the current leaders of this sect have taken the stance of many of its type, where the destruction of everything; including fine buildings, education, the rights of women, fair and proper law, freedom of speech and human rights, are the casualty.

Because the Nigerian Army was under funded; arguably due to corruption, it had low morale and inferior equipment. It was in no fit state to succeed against a better-armed enemy who used the porous northern border to flee through when being pursued, only to come back the next day with a larger force to crush the government forces.

The newly elected President, realising it would take time to reorganise the army, requested the help of the western world and the United Kingdom in particular.

The story starts with Captain John Desmond called back from the Ukraine (Moscow Assassins) to head an SAS training force. While assessing the situation in Nigeria, two extraordinary Nigerian women approach Desmond with a proposal. One is a medical doctor and the other an accomplished lawyer. Unbeknown to Desmond is a ‘‘bear’’ licking his wounds. It turns out that Russia, under the control of President Putin, is looking to pursue expansionist policies in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The problem they have is wherever Russia turns, the Western powers are in his way. He gives the authority to the newly promoted Sherepov (Moscow Assassin) to come up with a diversionary scheme to reduce the ability of the Western world for a short period, enabling him to consolidate his expansionist plans.

Sherepov hits on an idea connected to the cold war, but utilising ISIS as the instigator. If successful, it will change the face of world politics. This story illustrates the propensity of ambitious countries using proxy militants, and occasionally smaller countries, to achieve their aims. It also shows the slow movement of democracies to deal with power politics as propagated by countries like Russia and China.. It is reasonably simple for such powers to destabilise areas of the globe for their own purposes.

The story spans the countries of Nigeria, Cameroon, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Canary Islands, Crete, the mainland of Greece, and Albania.

363 Pages.


A Monk arrives at the door, why has he come?

What does he want? After being asked inside, he demands only a glass of water. Then the questions start.

Do we have a choice?

What is reality?

What are you, why are you here?

Have you been here before?

Are we all one?

Does it matter?

Does time go backwards?

Are we headed for Armageddon?

Is the western world in decline?

And many others. . .  

Who is the monk? Find out in this fascinating spiritual journey

to reality and beyond. . . 268 Pages.


Ladvia is a beautiful and accomplished spy, but is she a double or even a triple agent? Who is her secret lover? From the heart of Bosnia, the story takes us through Russia, Belarus, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Chile and the USA. But which countries want her dead? What is the plot that is going to challenge the security services of the UK? 242 Pages.


This is a story of the future, where politics in the UK take a turn for the worse and our enemies strike like a panther, taking advantage of our weakness.

This book is still being written 405 Pages.


James and Liz leave the rat race to sail in the Caribbean. After many problems learning to sail, they eventually fall into the luxury yacht charter market, sailing a 63-foot ketch in the Windward and Leeward Islands. (The Lower Antilles). They act as Captain and host to wealthy people from all over the world. 327 Pages.


The story of James and Liz during the early 1980’s. After chartering on a luxury yacht for two years, Liz decided to buy a restaurant in the West Indies to acquire an easier life.

It did not quite work out as planned. From an alcoholic chef who loved women, any woman, to the vagaries of provisioning in an area that constantly ran out of staple foods, such as potatoes, onions and fish, Liz had her hands full.

Dealing with storms that sometimes left the restaurant without water or electricity for days on end, was another factor that tried the sanity of the new owners. 197 Pages.



These short stories are made up of excerpts from the various books, and include some other true stories not previously published. 275 Pages.


This book is all about releasing stress, saving money and eating healthily.

There are dozens of books on how to stay medically fit, but few, if any, mention that a key ingredient to fitness is the lack of stress. In the USA 64% (UK 40%) of people are reputed to suffer from stress due to financial concerns. In the USA, 35% (UK 80%) of people have blamed the break-up of relationships due to money problems. If these figures have been collated accurately, they are huge. The important point is that by taking control of your finances, you can completely release that stress. I will show you how to take control, utilising only a few minutes a day. It is a method I have used for many years, and it really works. All you need is a computer or Tablet with Microsoft Office. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can download WPS Office for free. In both cases you will be using either Excel or WPS Spreadsheets, both compatible with each other. I have no doubt that those with a MAC can utilise BOOT CAMP.

This book would have been more illustrative in colour, but colour printing is very expensive and I wanted to keep the price down, so it would be available to as many people as possible.

If you wish to see the examples I have prepared, you can see them in colour on our website Go to the last section on the bar marked FINANCE.



I will help you to prepare food that is healthy, fast and suitable for busy people to create. All you need is a freezer and Tupperware or similar containers, and I can show you how to quickly produce food that will make buying processed and ready meals a thing of the past. Using this method, you will only need to spend a few hours on the weekend cooking, time well spent, when you think of the money you will save. We know from statistics, that obesity is a growing problem, because the food you buy to save time, is unhealthy and generally not nutritious. I have included several recipes and how to cook them quickly and easily, even if you have never cooked before.  In my section of the book, I explain more about the dangers of obesity and how it is created, and have gone into a more detail regarding unsavoury food additives, particularly, those that are in most ready meals.

The question is: would you feed your dog on something you knew to be unhealthy and damaging to its health? The obvious answer is no, but many, give their children ready meals.

For the same reason as James, I have not included colour photographs of the dishes, in any case a lot of food photographs are not of food anyway, but are made up of various substances made to look like food. Trust me, I have spent twenty years in the food business. ELIZABETH. 57 Pages.