OUR VILLA IN CRETE - 2013 - 2017


A good read with an ingenious and unique plot, a number of enjoyable sub-plots and ending which twists and turns nicely. The main character is likeable and convincing. The reader cares about her. The technical detail is satisfying without being over done and the author clearly has an understanding of the political situation following the break up of Yugoslavia which most of us lack. Richard Johnson


An excellent read, the romance was tastfully written and the story was superb with a great ending. Mary Rooney


Your book on sailing is brilliant  ....  I am staggered that you lived to tell the tale ... Your turn of phrase is excellent ... very funny too.   I reckon you might have died near the beginning without Anne's help. She had the right idea about the French too. I couldn’t put it down, despite the nearly 600 pages. Richard Small


I need to be careful in reviewing this great novel for fear of divulging the secrets, dreams and fantastic historical nuances that abound within. A story so charmingly adventurous that you won't want to put it down. It is a must know, must read novel. I for one am still in awe of it and the continuing images it has given me of a life that could have been. It could have been yours too. It might still happen. Richard Small.


I was pleasantly surprised by the story. I liked the informativeness and pace of the writing and although I would not normally read this type of book, it has given me a taste for another by the same author. It was well organised. You really cannot put it down, and as I know the part of Nigeria in the story, the names of places triggered my childhood memories spent there. A great read. Jenny Bridge.


I enjoyed the book, the story reminded me of those written by Frederick Forsyth. The characters were strong and believable and the storyline had clarity, originality, the correct use of technical words, conciseness, fulness of purpose and fluidity. I would recommend this book to other readers. Helen Reynolds.


A highly readable, well written adventure filled account of the intrigues of governments, their servants and the manipulation of advancing science. There will always be heroes and villains and the story lends itself for the reader to admire one and seek the demise of the other, but, in the covert world of spies, it is not always easy to know who you can trust. Richard Small - Author


Another adventure into the world of secret services, their masters and just what they are prepared to do, for themselves. Cleverly written and quite informative about the clandestine arts, the story leads the reader on a twisting trail of escapes, betrayals and sometimes death, all in the cause of freedom. James Dalby’s books defy you to predict what happens in the end. James encourages the reader to like and admire his characters, but will they face the ultimate sacrifice among the many others they must make, to keep free people safe. Richard Small - Author